Jays Auto Care is a VESA approved Fitment Centre. We install everything from Gearlocks, Tracking Devices to Smash and Grab window tinting.

Jays Auto Care is registered member of the Vehicle Security Association of South Africa (VESA) and carries products approved by the Accreditation Bureau for Security and Safety (ABS). The Director, Mr. Jay Singh also serves as one of the directors of the Vehicle Security Association of South Africa (VESA). This once again assures and provides support to their clients with new and developing products in the industry.

The Vehicle Security Association of South Africa (VESA) was created to ensure that standards were set and adhered to. This meant that the quality of the physical product needed to be approved to ensure that all manufacturing was to acceptable standards. Similarly the fitment centres also had to meet certain criteria for the installation of the security system. On completion; a VESA certificate is issued to give authenticity.

Many Insurance companies offer discounts where a VESA certified security system has been fitted. However, all Insurance companies will demand a certificate showing that a system has been fitted by an accredited professional installer. The latest and trendiest of cars are being delivered with security devices fitted on the production line. This is the car manufacturer’s way of showing concern for their customers and some do in fact provide a valuable deterrent. But manufacturers tend to consider costs far more than the actual security system features. Thus the consumer ends up with a security system that is no more than adequate, and that is the draw back to these factory fitted devices. Since all of these are usually clones- fitted in exactly the same way on the production line; once a thief has worked out how to overcome one, he then has the key to overcome them all. Therefore modern factory fitted security systems are effective- but only to a point. The aftermarket devices fitted by Jays AutoCare; can offer added security and lifestyle comfort features. These can include a range of vehicle tracking, electric window, roof closure and anti-hijack products.

Jay’s AutoCare looks forward to leading you towards a safe and secure South Africa!